Changes, confusion and His love!

First time after a while, since I was writing a blog here. A lot of things have changed since the last time and I wanted to share some new thoughts with you! First of all I started to study to become a teacher one day. After not being excepted I got a reply just when the semester started that I got accepted. By that time I wasn't sure if i should be happy about it or not... In the rush of time I had to decide really quickly, what was really hard for me :/ I absolutly don't like to change my plans after I have made one!!  

But still I'm here and I made it through the whole storm of being confused, irritated and alone in this big new world of university. What I couldn't see by that time was that God already has known what I would need and I found out there was a friend of mine starting there at uni with me (: I coudn't be happier and more thankful about that!!   

This really showed me how caring God still was. Even when I thought He has left me alone, He didn't! He showed me again his great mercy and love for me. Reminding me about the promise He gave me one year ago when I got this absolutly amazing ring from him, that He will never leave me alone.  

Last week it was my 21st birthday and I had a great time with new and old friends celebrating! It was awesome being at home, seeing my family and friends. I just miss them so much while I'am here... It's so good to see how my church at home and especially our youth is growing. I'm so proud of them cause I have seen many of them growing with the Lord. Thank you Jesus for this wonderful  people! 
You can see by this picture, how much they really know me (: I love all these cards! 
In this new year of my life I decided to have knew adventures and so I won't have any facebook for one year. Crazy, I know... maybe not understandable for some of you but still I think it's a  wonderful thing to do! I actually always wanted to do something like this but wasn't pretty sure how to do it. Life was different the last week. Sometimes I turned my computer, tablet or phone  on and actually didn't know what to do. Normally I would just go on facebook and hang around, watching, chatting, just scrolling... ;D So now I can't do this anymore something is missing. 

Most important for me is to realize how you can have real friendships with people without facebook. I don't just wanna write 'Happy Birthday' on someones wall once a year. I think there is so much more you can actually do. Yes, this maybe takes more time and more afford but I would say it's much more worth it. How often do you call a friend? How often do you take time to write a note, letter or card to someone else? I remember when I was little how precious it was for me to get a letter from a friend. It was like a surprise all the time... I actually couldn't get enough of them! (: 

I hope I can learn a few more things and change some of my old habits into new ones! 
I will tell you more about that process later. 

Have a blessed weekend xx

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